We are specialized in the use of robotics for high quality filming. We work on the ground, at sea, in the air, underground and in all those situations that require remote control.

Aerial filming: for overhead filming, the drone is the most effective and ecological professional solution for obtaining a quality product at a moderate price. We use high resolution FULL HD/4K video and photo cameras.

During filming it is possible to view images directly on any device or monitor on the ground, and it is also possible to transmit live televised video or HD streaming video.

We take indoor video using drones and we have several diverse solutions for outdoor filming: video filming with remote control, helicopters and blimps, motorized paragliders.

Ground means: rovers, camera cars, jeeps, road and motocross motorcycles.

Naval means: speedboats, sailboats and specialized crews, video filming from trolleys with cables through radio remote control.

Underwater filming: we work at diverse depths, in freshwater as well as in the open sea. We can also provide specific pools for production of cinematic videos.

Thanks to assiduous collaboration with the most renowned and specialized Studios in Food , we can follow the production of this kind of shooting , taking advantage of the most advanced equipment and the best professionals.

We are able to create finished products in total autonomy. We operate with small crews, but also with complete video filming crews, always finding the perfect balance in the price-quality relationship.

The final delivery of the product takes place directly to the client, or to an advertising agency in the requested format, ready for broadcasting and streaming.

We provide extreme filming for Italian and international productions, stunts, car stunts and fast driving sequences.

We have handled music videos for years, continuing to invest in this sector and becoming a point of reference for independent and major artists alike.